Comitť de NOrmalisation des MOyens de production
Standardisation Committee for Manufacturing and equipment

Association law 1901 created by PSA Peugeot CitroŽn and RENAULT SAS in 1972, originating from an agreement realised in 1959 by 4 car manufacturers : Chrysler France, Automobiles CitroŽn, Automobiles Peugeot and Regie Nationale des Usines Renault on the standardisation of equipment and machine tools.

Promote the standardisation of the manufacturing process and capital equipment of the French motor industry
Develop and issue standard documents.
Promote the label CNOMO for products /constituents corresponding to the standards CNOMO.
Participate in the establishment of external standardisation, ISO, CEN, AFNOR, UNM, CNS, etc..

Improve the performance of production equipment,
Improve the safety and working conditions within companies,
Obtain the requested requirement at the lowest cost.

Direct the standardisation actions so that standard documents take into account new internal organisations and the development of cooperation methods with the suppliers, while meeting the functional requirements of users.

State of the art on a technical subject,
Result of a technical consensus between French car manufacturers, their parts manufacturers and industrial component manufacturers,
International pre-standardisation : certain CNOMO documents become national, NF, European EN, even ISO international standards,
No constraint as new markets open for the participants applying them.

Experts (approximately 60) in all the areas of manufacturing and equipment for motor vehicles.
Technical committees (approximately 20) consisting of experts of both groups and of outside partners according to the subjects handled.
A CNOMO website, giving, free of charge, currently 128 standards and 68 Guides available in French, English, German and Spanish languages as well as the list up to date products benifiting from the label CNOMO.

President : Jean Goutierre (Renault SAS)
General Secretary and Treasurer : Martine Harvier (PSA Peugeot Citroën)
Technical and Administrative Secretariat : Xavier De-Chezelles (PSA Peugeot Citroën)
    PSA Peugeot Citroën Centre Technique de Vélizy A
    DRD/DAPF/RHN/NCF - Case courrier VV083
    Route de Gisy
    78943 Vélizy-Villacoublay Cedex
    email :
  Awareness to the site

The standard system of reference for production facilities consists for the Automotive Groups :
  • of documents which are not the propriety of the Groups (AFNOR, CEN, CEI, ISOÖ)
  • of documents which are the propriety of the automotive Groups (CNOMO, PSA, Renault).
Note : At present, only documents which are the propriety of the Automotive Groups are referenced on this site with availability of their contents.

In case of litigation, only the homologated paper version is proof between
the parties. Homologated paper version are deposited :

  • at the CNOMO secretariat (for CNOMO documents)
  • at PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Standard Department (for PSA documents)
  • at the Renault Standard Department (for Renault documents).

The truncation is symbolised by *. It may be at the beginning or inside a field. It is placed by default in rear truncation for the " Descriptions / key words ", " Suffixes / numbers " and " ICS code " fields.
The descriptions/key words are available in French and in English.
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How to make links with present documents on the site ?
    All PSA standard documents relating to automotiv products and its production equipment are available :

  • internaly PSA : Via the intranet PSA under GEODE Normes
  • externaly PSA : Via B2B de PSA Peugeot CitroŽn

  • for authorised PSA suppliers access with password
  • for non-authorised PSA suppliers a request for access may be formulated on line in the section "REGISTER YOUR COMPANY" from the home page of Portail PSA B2B
    For certain documents, a Word type file is available to facilitate the work of suppliers (example : statement of conformity with Renault standard EB75.04.130, etcÖ).

In some cases, there are also :

  • some files which can be loaded (exe, etc..) which are compressed in ZIP and used for specific applications (Robot, IHM, etc ...).
  • Files zip with password. A file TXT indicates, then how to get itself the password

The portal for the Renault suppliers is for the address :
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